Tour overview

If you’re a nature lover, the Butterfly Garden in Dubai is an absolute paradise for you. Home to more than 15,000 butterflies, visiting the garden and watching these lovely gifts of Mother Nature fly swiftly through the air is sheer bliss. There’s also a small pond filled with Koi fish. Your kids will love every moment of being here as there’s a cinema house dedicated to them. There’s also a cafeteria where you can grab a quick bite and a shop selling beautiful souvenirs.

Located right beside the Dubai Miracle Garden, the Butterfly Garden occupies pride of place as the largest covered butterfly garden in the world housing thousands of butterflies in its ten custom-built domes. It’s thoroughly enjoyable learning about how a beautiful butterfly evolves from a caterpillar after passing through the different stages of its life. Being in the lap of nature, a visit to the Butterfly Garden in Dubai is a is a must of the nature lover.

The Highlights of Butterfly Garden

  • Watch a bright splash of colors as more than 15,000 butterflies of 45 species fly through the air merrily
  • Learn about these beautiful winged creatures as they pass through the different stages of their lives, what they eat, and what their daily routine is
  • Watch your kids hop and skip in joy as they explore the 10 climate-controlled domes that house of 15,000+ butterflies
  • Enjoy a relaxed day out in the company of beautiful butterflies and Koi fish swimming in the clean waters of a pond amidst ample greenery

Things to Know

  • Make sure that you maintain cleanliness. Hence, avoid littering
  • You are barred from bringing outside food as they could invite creatures that hunt on butterflies like ants and spiders
  • Please don’t pick flowers and refrain from disturbing the butterflies when they are resting on flowers or leaves. Hence, watch your step
  • While you can take photographs, it’s best to seek assistance from the staff
  • Make sure that you keep an eye on your kids
  • You are barred from touching any butterflies
  • Avoid entering restricted zones

How Can You Reach the Butterfly Garden in Dubai?

  • By a Car or a Cab: The garden’s at a distance of 22.3 kilometers from Dubai city centre and it can be reached by a car or cab in just around 25 minutes.
  • By a Bus: Hop into a bus that drops you at the Miracle Garden 1 bus stop which is only 350 meters away from the Butterfly Garden.
  • By the Metro: You’ll need to take a metro on the Red Line and get off at the Mall of Emirates station. You’ll have to take a cab to reach the garden which is 10.4 kilometers away. It takes around 25 minutes to cover this distance.
  • Shared TransferYou can enjoy the convenience of being picked from your hotel if you opt for shared transfer when booking the tickets.