Tour overview

The Al Ain City Tour showcases a facet of Dubai not many know about. The very mention of the word Dubai brings fleeting images of a gorgeous skyline to our minds. The Al Ain City is a refreshing departure from the stereotypical images of Dubai we harbor. Al Ain is a charming garden city dotted with forts, parks, museums, and of course, the majestic Jebel Hafeet, the United Arab Emirate’s second tallest mountain.

We at EFFICIENT TOURISM take you on a relaxing trip to the laid back city of Al Ain away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai. We reach Al Ain after traveling 120 kilometers and as we enter the city, we are greeted by a mesmerizingly beautiful verdant landscape that is garnished with beautifully maintained lush green gardens, lovely boulevards and quiet parks.

After a tour of the beautiful gardens and parks, we visit the Jebel Hafeet Mountain from where we can take in panoramic views of the Al Ain City down below. Next up is the Al Jahili Fort which has a museum with a collection of portraits of the members of the ruling family. There’s also the much talked about Camel Market, a traditional Emirati souk that takes you back in time as you learn about camels of various types.

The Al Ain National Museum showcases the ancient past of the Emirates and its rich cultural heritage. When you visit the Archaeological Park, you see artifacts that date back to the Bronze Age. After you have explored the intriguing heritage site, it’s time to drop by at the very popular Al Ain Zoo and the Al Ain Mall. There’s a truly one-of-a-kind experience awaiting you at the base of the Jebel Hafeet Mountain that’s home to bubbling natural hot springs. The Al Ain City tour is indeed a refreshing break from the constant buzz of Dubai, an escape to a hamlet of peace.

Al Ain City Tour Inclusions

  • Transfers only if it’s selected during booking
  • A visit to the Al Ain Museum to explore the UAE’s past
  • A visit to the Al Jahili Fort that houses a collection of rare pictures of members of the ruling family
  • A visit to the Archaeological Park that dates as far back as the Bronze Age
  • A visit to the Jebel Hafeet Mountain from where visitors can enjoy panoramic views of Al Ain City
  • A visit to the refreshing hot water springs at the base of the Jebel Hafeet Mountain
  • A visit to the Al Ain Zoo for which tickets need to be purchased separately
  • A visit to the Al Ain Mall where you can pick a few souvenirs
  • Enjoy a delectable lunch if you have chosen the option during booking

Important Points to Note

  • You are requested to bring along a valid photo ID proof or your passport
  • Transfers can be arranged only from accommodations located centrally in Dubai in and around Bur Dubai, Deira, Marina and the Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Transfers are provided only if the option is selected during booking
  • To ensure smooth pick-up, please mention your complete location details
  • Some of the attractions may be found closed on certain days of the week or on weekends. We shall not be held responsible for the same and hence, no compensation requests shall be entertained

Note: The Al Ain National Heritage Museum and the Al Ain Fort and Archaeological Park remain closed every Monday and Friday.

What Makes the Al Ain City Tour Worth a Try?

  • If you are looking for a break from the sparkling urban opulence of Dubai, this is your best bet
  • You are sure to love the charming beauty of Al Ain City which boasts of lush green gardens and lovely parks
  • You get to visit the Jebel Hafeet Mountain, the second tallest mountain in the UAE from where you can enjoy spectacular views of the Al Ain city
  • A visit to the Al Jahili Fort, home to rare pictures of members of the royal family; the Al Ain National Museum that showcases the UAE’s rich history; the Archaeological Park that dates back to the Bronze Age and the Al Ain Zoo and Al Ain Mall are included as well
  • A visit to the Camel Market is included as well, probably the last surviving such market in the entire region
  • The bubbling hot water springs at the base of the Jebel Hafeet Mountain are a wonderful sight as well

Cancellation Policy

  • There shall be no charges for cancellations made at least 12 hours before the scheduled trip
  • There shall be a 100% charge if the cancellations are made within 12 hours of the scheduled trip
  • If you’re found eligible for a refund, the amount will be credited to your account within 7 working days

The Child Policy

  • Children below 3 years of age are considered infants and their visit is free
  • Children between 3 and 10 years of age are considered children and charged at child rates
  • Children above 10 years of age are considered adults and charged at regular rates